Buttock Enlargement and Fashion Trends

Fashion influences plastic surgery in many ways. For instance, the massive appeal towards the low-rise jean saw the position of the scar in the tummy tuck procedure lowered; it was moved further downwards into the abdomen to accommodate the cut. Nonetheless, when talking about butt enlargements, it remains apparent that some of the pictures we see in magazines and social media are often too good to be true.

Fashion, like the wind, is never constant. As such, if you contemplate having a buttock implant, it is highly advisable to sit back and examine your desire for this procedure. Of course, your surgeon has to be alive to fashion trends. But as they try to align their procedure to these trends, they must tailor the process to adapt properly to changing fashion styles. Ideally, as fashion changes, surgical procedures such as a volume-enhancing buttock implant should be inspired by the need to look natural, not trendy.

Most candidates for butt implants are motivated by the desire to look good in certain clothes. But importantly, it is advisable to have a candid discussion with your surgeon about the image you hope to achieve. Each patient should be treated individually, and then the surgeon can provide recommendations on what best fits their needs.