Why You Need Plants in Your Interior Design

When interior design is mentioned, our mind quickly starts to think of synthetic stuffs, rather than plants. What many of us may not know is that houseplants can almost perfectly complement the interior design of any space. For one, the green color of plants can blend well with many colors around your space. And, if you’ve plants in your house, they will make your interior design look unique. Ask yourself how many people have houseplants as part of their interior design? The answer is very few people. In fact, I can hardly think of anyone in my neighborhood who has plants in their house.

Benefits of Having Houseplants as Part of Your Interior Design

Having an interior design with plants comes with lots of benefits. For one, plants help with breathing. Just in case you have forgotten the basic school knowledge, which states that animals (including human beings) breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Plants do the exact opposite: they inhale carbon dioxide and release oxygen, unless photosynthesis is not taking place. Thus, if you have plants in your interior, it means that there will be high levels of oxygen in your space. So, you won’t have to move around looking for enough oxygen for your body. Absorbing carbon dioxide also means that the air around your room will be clean and fresh. And who doesn’t need clean air in their homes.

According to NASA, some of the best plants for cleaning up the air include Red-edge dracaena, Bamboo palm, Gerbera daisy, Chrysanthemum, English ivy, and Golden pothos. If you don’t know how to identify these plants, you can use a plant identifier app such as the Planta.

Planta app: This is one of the best apps for identifying plants. If you come across a plant that you think can work well for your interior design and want to know what it is before taking it home, then you can use the Planta app in that regard. Just take a photo of the plant and the app will accurately name it. Besides, the Planta will give you that vital info on how to care for the plant once you have decided to tend it. If your houseplant develops any health problem, the app will also diagnose what the problem is and how to deal with it. Are you fond of forgetting? If your houseplant is due for, say ,watering, and you have forgotten, the app will remind you.

On top of cleaning up the air in our rooms, plants also look great i.e. they bring some sort of aesthetic value in our space. Additionally, the green color of plants is a good soother and stress releaver.